For moments that last

Experience your dream holidays at last – and travel the way you’ve always wanted to. Every Etrusco is the perfect companion for unforgettable adventures.
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Travel on your own terms

Jump in your urban camper and head for the sun. Leave the daily grind far behind. Follow your heart and enjoy the fascinating changes of scenery – from vibrant beach life to the pulsating city. Live in the moment – where will your journey take you?

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Seize the moment

Break free from the daily grind and go wherever your instincts take you. With our camper vans you’re always ready for spontaneous adventures. From beach life to city breaks, our camper vans are ready whenever you are.

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Enjoy life at its purest

Prefer to be agile and flexible while travelling? From Mediterranean streets and mountain passes to long motorway journeys – our vans let you be spontaneous and also transport everything you need to indulge your passion.

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More room for enjoyment

The generous standard equipment in our semi-integrated motorhomes is sure to get your pulse racing. Atmospheric lighting and a cool mix of materials transform your motorhome’s interior into an oasis of well-being that awaits you after each exciting excursion.

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Indulge your wanderlust together

Our overcab models offer two additional berths above the cab. These spacious layouts include a rear garage with enough room for everything you need for the journeys of a lifetime. There is also plenty of room in the spacious kitchen for home-cooked delicacies.

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Special moments start at your doorstep

Find your dream vehicle and enjoy the holiday you’ve always wanted! Your perfect Etrusco is within reach – just click the button to find a dealer near you.

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The perfect ambience, inside and out

You don’t need a hotel to enjoy a premium holiday – just hit the road in one of our integrated models and trust your instincts. Found a nice spot? Then stay. Or don’t. The choice is yours – because you always have everything you need with you for the perfect holiday. From the coupé entrance to the LED lighting and pull-down bed with slatted frame – welcome to your truly special home from home!

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UC-model Renault

Price froma) 56.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 2 - 6
Sleeping berths 2 - 4

CV-model Fiat

Price froma) 50.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 7

CV-model Ford

Price froma) 52.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 3

CV-model 4x4

Price froma) 63.499 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 3

V-model Ford

Price froma) 51.199 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 3

T-model Ford

Price froma) 59.499 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 5

T-model Fiat

Price froma) 58.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 2 - 5

A-model Fiat

Price froma) 60.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 6

I-model Fiat

Price froma) 72.999 €
Permitted number of seats (including driver)* 4
Sleeping berths 4 - 5

a) All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, transportation charges or import duties. Your local dealer informes you about the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.

*The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. It therefore has an influence on the permissible number of seats, options for selecting special equipment and remaining payload options.
Detailed information on weights and vehicle configuration can be found in our technical data, legal information section and in the configurator.

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